Making of

Sketches © Veronica L. Montaño

One of the biggest challenges was to get from sketch to film without losing the quality of the drawings. Thats why we spent so much time on finding the
right material for each and every object on the set.

Everything you see in the movie, except for the faces of our characters Bo and Moco, is made by hand.
In order to tell the story the way we wanted, our characters Bo and Moco needed a broad range of facial expressions. Financially not able to obtain the infrastructure for producing replacement faces or head mechanics, we were forced to figure out a another way. With the help of objecttracking we were able to reproduce the movement of our puppets in virtual space. The digitally reconstructed movement was later used to apply the 3D generated and animated face of our characters. This creates the unique look and gave us the opportunity of a broad range of facial expressions we needed.

The Soundtrack for Eisnasne was written and recorded by the talented band "Maple Tree Circus". Their music brought the warmth, that the story is about, into the icecold world the characters live in.

Silvan Zweifel and Beni Morard lent their voices to our Characters Moco and Bo. Standing together in the recording booth at the same time they came up with an imaginary language that reminds of a longforgotten swiss dialect.

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